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Through end-to-end consultancy, we bring together competitive intelligence, operational excellence and strategic alliances to deliver seamless programs to enhance your business capabilities and competitiveness. Operational Consulting is a specialised field that blends strategy, efficiency and continuous improvement.

Efficiency: We evaluate processes within your organisation with an aim to streamline. We look for ways to reduce wastage, optimise resources, and improve productivity, thereby driving down costs and increasing output.

Effectiveness: We ensure that business operations align with the company’s strategic goals and that they deliver value to your clients and customers. This could involve enhancing product quality, improving service delivery, or implementing new technological solutions.

Continuous Improvement: We help you to continuously stay on top of and adapt to changing market conditions, whilst continually improving operations.

Why Choose Us

At ACTIO Group, our strength lies in the rich experience and expertise that each member brings to the table. Our team embodies a powerful blend of industry knowledge, strategic relationships across Australia and abroad, and an unparalleled track record of program design, strategic operations, and communication. With a combined experience spanning decades, we’ve been instrumental in transformative regional development projects, venture capital engagements, and fostering growth strategies across SMEs in diverse industries.

We pride ourselves on a collaborative approach that’s driven by client-focused outcomes. Whether it’s fostering customer-centric strategies, bringing clarity and focus, or harnessing design thinking and customer experience, our team is equipped to empower businesses to thrive in today’s dynamic landscape. Our commitment to fostering innovation is evident in our facilitative approach, helping businesses align with their core values, anticipate the future, and make strategic choices that differentiate them in a competitive business environment.


speaking frankly, by being open and honest we positively impact the quality of our connections


we have the ability and willingness to learn from experience


the world moves with speed, and so do we, to keep up with your needs


when our values come together, we are aligned and can work towards our common goal

The excellence of a business is fundamentally about consistency: a cohesive, uniform yet agile approach to operations. Embracing a 'one team' mentality that is deeply rooted in the ethos, values and behaviours of an organisation that resonates to the core purpose of the business

-Emma Nesbitt, Managing Director

Actio Op EX is not just a service, its a partnership committed to operational excellence. With our customised solutions and approach to doing business we have transformed businesses. We view challenges as opportunities for growth and strive for the best for your business

-Michael Prentice, Director & Senior Advisor

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